Edmundston minor hockey teams to be named the “Blizzard”

EDMUNDSTON, New Brunswick – The Edmundston Blizzard Junior A hockey team and the Edmundston Community Minor Hockey Club (CCHME) are pleased to join forces for a five-year period during which all minor hockey teams will bear the name “Blizzard” starting with the 2023-2024 season.

The announcement was made on Monday, April 24 during a ceremony held at the Jean-Daigle Centre in Edmundston when players from the Blizzard junior team symbolically presented new jerseys to young hockey players from the CCHME who were wearing the Predators’ uniform for the last time.

“The Blizzard name has a great reputation in the region as well as on the provincial and national scenes. When minor hockey teams go to play in tournaments all over, other teams will know that the Blizzard comes from Edmundston”, explained André Lebel, President of the Blizzard.

“It is a great way to give a sense of pride to the youth to wear a jersey with the Blizzard colors and name. Many kids who play hockey attend Blizzard games and will certainly be happy to wear their favorite team’s jersey. Of course, it will feel a little strange to lose the Predators identity and colors that have defined us for so long. It was time for a name change,” said CCHME President Jason Parker.

Minor hockey enrollment, especially at the younger levels, skyrocketed after the Blizzard’s first season in 2017-2018. “No one in the area knew about the Junior A ice hockey product,” Lebel reported. “The Blizzard drew amazing crowds in their first season and the playoff championship was the culmination of a dream year. This enthusiasm has spread to minor hockey where we have seen an increase in the number of new players.”

The Blizzard Junior A team will of course retain ownership of its name, logo and all intellectual property surrounding their use.

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Here are the players of the Edmundston Community Minor Hockey Club with their new Blizzard jerseys, accompanied by all the players of the Blizzard Junior A team. Unlike the junior team, notice that the youth will be wearing the other official version of the Blizzard logo on the front of their jersey with the other version of the logo on their shoulders. Photo Percy Picard

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Contact: Hugues Chiasson, vice-president communications – The Edmundston Blizzard; (506) 740-0623 – cell phone