Junior hockey: Welcome to the Edmundston Blizzard!

The Edmundston Blizzard is supported by a group of 30 investors. The majority of them were present in the photo session following the unveiling of the name and logo of the team.

EDMUNDSTON, New Brunswick – The Edmundston Junior Hockey League management announced today (Wednesday, February 8) the name and logo for its new team: the Edmundston Blizzard!

The name was chosen following a consultation with the public who was asked to vote for one of the three names selected by the team’s communications committee.

The Edmundston Blizzard will enter the Maritime Hockey League (MHL) at the end of this season, following the transfer of the Dieppe Commandos to Edmundston.

Designed by Productions Rouj, a graphic firm, the logo shows the word Blizzard in close-up in a glossy lettering encrusted in the mountainous and undulating landscape of the territory, with the Greek mythology figure, Aeolus, who blows at the top of his lungs to give the sensation of the scorching cold and the snow blustering like a blizzard. The two bluish colors of the logo as well as the white snow marry perfectly to give a representation of the rigor of winter, without forgetting the white marks here and there evoking the blowing snow.

“We are very pleased with the name chosen,” said team chairman André Lebel. “The desire to have a new unifying name that has no connection with the past was unanimous among the investors of the team. The Blizzard will play in Edmundston, but it is first and foremost a regional team. We want the people of Kedgwick, Saint-Quentin, Grand Falls, Bas-Madawaska, and Haut-Madawaska to be identified to the Blizzard because the team will draw players from all over the territory.”

A draw was made from among those who submitted the name Blizzard to the selection committee. Alain Morin of Edmundston is the lucky winner of two season tickets for the 2017-2018 season.

The communications committee of the team initiated the selection process in early December 2016 by inviting the public to submit names. From December 2 to 15, hundreds of proposals were received. Then, from December 16 to 31, a selection committee retained three names and asked again the public to vote.

During the press conference on February 8, the team also presented the 30 investors.

Upon release of the name and logo, the communications committee posted the Facebook (@BlizzardEdmundston) and Twitter (@LeBlizzardLive) pages of the team.

Further announcements will be made in the near future regarding the start of the sale of season tickets and the search for billet families for players from outside the region.

The team, whose franchise was transferred from Dieppe to Edmundston in preparation for the 2017-2018 season, will play into the new Jean-Daigle Center in Edmundston.

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Contact: Hugues Chiasson, communications coordinator – The Edmundston Blizzard; (506) 740-0623 – cell phone